Serving the greater Phoenix area
since 1986.

Early Beginnings

Quite often I'm asked how I got into woodworking. Well, it all started as a very young boy growing up in Flagstaff Arizona. I still remember watching the men building new homes in our neighborhood. We lived in a brand new area and houses were going up all around us.
Back then, the grocery stores used to get vegetables in wooden crates and I'd get a few once in a while and take them apart and make different things out of the wooden slats. I was always a "hands on" kind of person, learing more from watching and doing than from reading. In grade school, I took wood shop and made quite a varity of things in the 2 years of shop. In high school, I again took wood shop, along with drafting, metals and welding. After graduating in 1971, I went to work doing drywall texturing. My height made me a perfect candidate for texturing ceilings without needing stilts. After a few years of that, I decided to make a move and went to work at a local gas station, and so began my next 15 years as a mechanic.

As we all know, things change, and my knees began giving me problems from all the years of climbing up and down the alignment rack, so I was forced to either undergo surgery, or change professions.
It was at that point that I took a big jump and went back to my first love, working with wood. I began building up my shop and soon had work coming in. One thing led to another and now its been 26 years of providing top quality kitchen cabinets and custom entertainment centers. I have never advertised but rely soley on word of mouth for my work. Each year is better then the last and I expect that 2015 will be a great year too.


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